AHS Student Feature: Anna Tweeden

Audrey Grindatti and Reagan Oestreich

Anna Tweeden is a senior at Arrowhead. Throughout her high school career, Tweeden has been a part of the Hawkettes varsity dance team, National Honors Society, Girl Up, Interact, Peers for Peers, and SLAM, along with being a mentor for three years during WINGS.


Tweenden is in many AP classes like AP European History, AP Biology, AP Literature, AP Psychology, and AP Language. 


Her favorite class she has ever taken is Sociology with Tim Tower. Tweeden said, “It was interesting and I thought he was hilarious and I liked being able to reference things I learned in that class to my writings in my AP’s.”


As of now Tweeden has applied to UW Lacrosse, UW Madison, UW MIlwaukee and Minnesota and has been accepted to them all. She says she has not yet made her decision, and will make it after she visits them all.  


Regardless of where she goes, she is planning on majoring in Psychology and her minor is undecided. 


Some of Tweedens hobbies include dancing, photography, fashion, shopping, going out for ice cream with friends, and listening to music.


In her time on Arrowhead’s Varsity dance team, Tweeden has choreographed nine dances and routines. The dances have been performed at a variety of events for the school including the following:

  • One football game junior year; 
  • Competitive jazz junior year; 
  • Homecoming Parade over the summer; 
  • Homecoming pep rally and game senior year; 
  • Kids clinic dance senior year; 
  • Three basketball routines senior year; 
  • Guy girl dance routine senior year.


Along with contributing to the dance aspect of the Hawkettes, she has also been highly involved in other events such as organizing the Honor Flight and helping organize the kids dance clinic. 


Looking back on her four years, Tweeden says, “I’ve loved being able to participate and be a part of so many different things. I really enjoyed highschool but am looking forward to new experiences in college.”