Excitement for Spring Break Begins

Sophie Illman, Reporter

Spring break for Arrowhead High School begins on March 19th this year and goes until March 27th.  With the long break coming up students are starting to plan for their vacations and for things to do on their time off. 


Many seniors are planning senior spring breaks with their friends and families together. It is usually a tradition for seniors to plan their spring breaks together since it is their last year all together. It has become a common trend that many seniors take part in.  But other seniors are also making plans to have some quality time with their families.


Senior Alex Taylor’s spring break vacation plans are to go to Destin, Florida, with some friends.


Taylor says, “I am really excited to go to Destin this break with my friends. I’m going with my friends Sam Fenske, Aaron Fenske, Addison Fullerton, John Naylor, Thomas Schierts, Peyton Harlos, and Charlie Wesley. I’m super excited to be going on a vacation with my friends because I know when I’m with them it’s going to be very fun, especially on a beach.”


Taylor says he is excited to get on the beach right away and to start getting tan. With the cold weather and no sun to be found he is really looking forward to being in the warm weather. 


Senior Sam Marek has plans to go to Maui in Hawaii with his family. He is really looking forward to all the adventurous activities he can do in Hawaii that he is not able to do in Wisconsin. 


Marek says, “I am really looking forward to going surfing. I went a couple years ago in Costa Rica and it was so much fun so I’m really excited to go again. I am also really excited to go scuba diving because I think that will be such a cool experience.”