Students Outraged by Hat Policy

Alex Stahl, Reporter


On Monday, January 24th, Becky Gordon, the north campus associate principal, sent out an email to the student body regarding hats in school.


The email read, “Some of you may have noticed more hats on the heads of your peers lately and some of you have most definitely been asked to remove a head covering.  We have a policy of NO HATS OR HEAD COVERINGS in the school building but we are finding more and more students wearing hats so we want to share next steps for the second semester.” She goes on to explain why they put this policy in place, and the next steps which are below.


Gordon said, “Moving forward, we will enforce the NO hat rule as follows:    


Step 1: Hat* taken and returned at the end of the period**


Step 2: Hat taken and returned at the end of the day from the office


Step 3: Hat taken and parent must pick up the hat from the office


Step 4: Hat taken and not returned until end of the year and detention assigned by the office


Step 5: Hat taken and student suspended in school for the remainder of that day”


Student opinions on this topic vary, yet the majority seems outraged by this rule. Sylvan Millevolte, a senior said, “I don’t see validity in the reasons why we are not allowed to wear hats. I understand that they have to promote this policy as part of their job, but I do believe the policy should be changed.”


Some students see it as a contradiction to the masks that can be worn at Arrowhead. 


Carlos Gamino, a senior said, “It is out of date, in a day and age where we wear masks to cover our faces, what is the point in banning something that covers a bit of your head when it can bring confidence and promote being your own person.” 


Many students are also outraged at the fact that they feel there is no valid reason for this rule. Devin Kelly, a senior said, “Arrowhead’s hat policy is ridiculous and unfair. There is absolutely no reasonable explanation for it. Arrowhead is salty.” 


In a survey that was provided during 7th hour senior study hall, seniors were asked the question, “What do you think about the hat policy? Do you think hats should be allowed to be worn?” Out of 91 students, 89 voted in favor of wearing hats while only two students said they were not in favor.


Sydney Major, a senior at Arrowhead said, “The rule of hats is extremely dull-witted. Many students wear hats for comfort, to keep warm living in Wisconsin winter weather, and for style in general. It affects a students performance more in school when they are called out by a teacher, sent to the principal…for simply wearing a head covering. If you can’t see us on the cameras due to the hats, get better cameras, or hire hall patrol people. We already are allowed to wear masks that hinder the distinction to recognize students.”


Alex Wood, a senior said, “I  think it’s really unnecessary because realistically how does a hat affect someone’s performance in school or participation.”


Adam Kirth, the principal sent out an email to staff explaining the “why” of the hat policy; it reads, 

  • It is our current policy/rule.


  • It changes the look and feel of a school and classroom when students wear hats.  We are not comfortable with the ‘feel’ of our hallways changing- less eye contact, more covered faces and heads.


  • If hats were allowed, we would have different pieces to monitor including what is on the hat, what is in the hat, and if the hat is used to assist in poor decisions.


  • We use the cameras often to identify students.  Having hats on makes that a greater challenge.


  • A hat takes away the ability to see where a student is looking when looking down making academic dishonesty easier


Students can be exempt from this rule for either a medical issue, or for religious reasons. There is a pass students may receive from administration, that the student must have in order to wear a heat.


Tanner Theisen said, “I can try and understand where they are coming from when it comes to the policy, I can also try and understand the disrespect, but I have never seen any of that here, so a part of it is still really confusing.”


How do you feel about the new hat policy? Let us know in the comments below.