AHS Students Experience Covid-19


As of January 10, 2022, there have been 280 confirmed student covid cases since September 1, 2021. There have been 30 confirmed cases among teachers at Arrowhead.


Mikayla Turner, a current Arrowhead senior, got Covid at the beginning of the school year and was out for two weeks. She says, “It was very stressful and felt like I couldn’t be myself. I couldn’t leave my room for a long time and it felt like I was being suffocated.”


Jackie Peddie, also a current Arrowhead senior, got Covid a week before winter break. Due to the CDC guidelines, she was only out for one week. Peddie has very similar feelings to Turner.. “I felt alone, I isolated myself from the friends who care about me because I was so depressed. I felt super guilty for getting covid… I couldn’t breath out of my nose, my nose was constantly running, I couldn’t stop coughing, I lost my voice for five days, I felt tired all the time, had hot and cold flashes, and I didn’t have the motivation to eat. It took a couple of weeks for my voice to fully recover – I couldn’t sing high notes and if I talked too much my voice would give out.”


As the quarantine time gets shorter, there is less school work that has built up. However, students are still having troubles when coming back after covid. 


Peddie says, “I’m still not caught up from getting Covid – I wish that we still had zoom meetings so that I could have had some understanding on what I was doing in class. Some of my teachers don’t update the canvas page that often, others do it everyday. I felt very lost in class when I got back, I just didn’t really understand what was going on. I didn’t do much school work when I had covid because I was too sick and too depressed to do much.”


While some students were able to recover academically, others struggled to get back on track. “I ended up giving up in some of my classes and failed two. Some of my teachers were understanding, but others were not so understanding. They said it was an excuse.” says Turner.