Extending Exam Schedule

Due to required hours of school by the state (1,137 hours), Arrowhead will be extending exam days to all day. Exam scheduling will remain the same, but each class period will be extended. 


Exam times for North and South campus will be the exact same. The first exams of each day are 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM. Second class exams are 9:20 AM to 10:50 AM. The last exam of the day will be 11:10 AM to 12:40 PM. 


There will be 20 minutes of passing time between each exam and the buses will depart at 12:50 PM. 


Exam extensions were chosen from three options: switch the Monday after Easter to a school day, end PCT (professional collaborative time) for the second semester, or end school the second week of June.


Arrowhead’s principal, Adam Kurth says, “Our admin team determined that extending exam days was the least disruptive option and still provided some benefits while accounting for the required hours issue.”


The exams themselves are not getting longer. “This time can be used for accommodating students, allowing students to study, end of course reviews, etc.,” says Kurth. 


Therapy dogs will be provided each exam day from 7:30 to 12:40 in both the North and South campus libraries. 


Dylan Hopwood, a current Arrowhead Senior says, “I think that if it would take up less days and be much faster/over with we should just have the longer exams.”


“Instead of having a shortened day, we now have a regular day and that is a downfall because I was looking forward to relaxing earlier. Exams are stressful and being in the school with that much stress for a whole school day seems a little much for a lot of students,” says Hopwood. 


Therapy Dog Schedule