2022 Winter‌ ‌Activities‌ ‌

Sophie Illman, Reporter

Within the four different seasons there are many different activities to do that vary from season to season. Now that it is winter students have begun to try to find different things to do with their friends that do not involve being cooped up in the house. Since it is also winter that means that the winter sports season is also taking over for a lot of students’ lives.

Senior Jackson Raasch says, “In the winter since it is basketball season I am mainly at practice or at games. I am also always at the gym practicing too. During this season I devote most of my time to the sport, but other than that when I do have the time I am hanging out with friends.”

Other students who are not in a sport or in a sport that is not in season are always looking for things to do with friends since they usually have more free time. 

Senior Gabe Burch says, “I like to work out more in the winter since it is inside and I don’t have to be outside in the freezing cold. My friends also like to go snowboarding and skiing on the weekends so sometimes we will all go do that since we only can in the winter.” 

Other Seniors like Cara Wellington said, “I like to go sledding with my friends. We sometimes just go and find random hills and its nice because we can just go and do it on our own. I also like to go ice skating with my friends because we are all so bad at it and never can stop laughing.”

The Mullett Ice Center at Arrowhead High School also has an open skate where you can come and skate for free or pay $6 to rent a pair of skates, and go skating with your friends. These open skate days are on Saturdays and Sundays from 1:30-3:00.