AHS Second Semester Changes

Audrey Grindatti and Reagan Oestreich

With finals around the corner and the first semester coming to an end, students are getting new schedules and getting ready for the second semester. 


Finals start Wednesday, January 19th to Friday, January 22st. The new semester will begin Tuesday, January 25th. 


Senior Macey Hotz says, “I am looking forward to being closer to graduating and finishing out the year strong. I am also excited for all the end of the year senior activities.” 


Students are looking forward to new classes, teachers, and being a semester closer to summer. Some students say they are unsure about next semester because they don’t know what to expect. 


Junior Camila Coronado says, “ I am looking forward to the second semester, it’s one semester closer to being a senior. One thing I’m stressing over for the second semester is ACT.”


Next semester had also brought on some uncertainty among students, with many students questioning things like Will we be going virtual? Will there be a prom?  Will we have to start wearing masks again? Other concerns have been raised about the rising covid cases within our school and what might the school year look like if they get too high. 


Second semester events, like prom, are still being determined. 


Senior Jack Shaefer says, “I am excited to have a new schedule and make new friends.”