AHS Junior Works at a Water Park

Emily Hollern, Reporter

Nikolai Savitskij, a 16-year old junior at Arrowhead, works at Springs Water Park–previously known as Country Springs–in Pewaukee. It’s right next to the Ingleside hotel, where guests to the water park can stay for multiple-day vacations.


Savitskij is a lifeguard at Springs. “My primary job is watching my water and enforcing rules for the zone I’m at, in order to prevent any drownings and help any guests who need it,” he says. However, saving lives isn’t the only duty of a lifeguard at Springs. 


“Additionally, we set up the park before opening, and [we] clean it before closing. Opening duties are mostly putting out chairs and tables, as well as testing slides. Closing duties are stacking chairs and tables, and taking out park garbage,” says Savitskij.


According to the Springs Water Park website, a day pass at the park costs $18, and a spectator pass costs $5. The park is closed Monday through Wednesday. On Thursday, the hours are 3pm-9pm; on Friday, 10am-10pm; on Saturday, 9am-10pm; and on Sunday, 9am-7pm.

“Each zone we work at is a little different, but the main purpose, keeping guests happy and safe, doesn’t change. We are also expected to be able to perform all skills taught at inservices, as well as attend our inservices. These are basic skills for the job such as CPR and first aid.”


Savitskij says he likes working at Springs. “I do enjoy working at Springs. All my coworkers are awesome, and make it a fun working environment,” he says. “Management really cares about each employee, and will seriously consider anything that a guard brings up with them to improve the workplace. Management always has your back and does everything they can to make sure that the work environment feels comfortable to all guards.”


He also describes the numerous benefits of working at the park. “Springs pays uncertified guards $11 per hour and $12 to certified [guards]. Certification training is paid time, and uniforms are free provided you work at Springs for at least three months. Employees get discounts on food purchased at the park and discounted entry to the park. Additionally employees can attend the country Christmas light show for free.”

But the benefits are not Savitskij’s favorite part of the job. “[My favorite part of my job is] my coworkers. Everyone, including leadership, is fun to be around and talk to, and we support each other in and outside of the workplace,” he says.

“I also love in-service, it’s great to be able to work with the people around me to make sure we can all perform the skills we need to do our job, and help other guards improve.” In-service is a type of training that helps employees learn more about their duties and improve on them.