Arrowhead Scholarship Fund Becomes Available to Seniors

Lucy Duchac and Autumn Treml

On Tuesday, December 21st, 2021, Arrowhead Scholarship applications were sent out to senior students and parents. 


According to the Arrowhead Scholarships Fund website, these scholarships were created to honor “the achievements of Arrowhead High School’s bright, talented students: our community’s future leaders.”


This year, along with the four-year institution scholarship, the Arrowhead Scholarship Fund will offer scholarships to students who will be attending a technical college or pursuing a career in manufacturing.  


The 4-year university and 2- year university documents lay out the worksheets for application. Completed applications are due on Friday, January 28, 2022, by 5:00 pm. 


According to an email sent to students and parents from the Arrowhead Scholarship fund ([email protected]), “It is strongly recommended that applicants complete the worksheets before starting the online application.” 


While this may seem overwhelming, Mckayla Murphy—who earned a $1000 scholarship in 2021—says, “The application process is super easy! The layout is easy to follow and instructions are clear.”


The criteria for application on the Arrowhead Scholarship Fund’s “2022 application instructions” calls for a student who portrays all-around admirable “academic performance, school involvement, character, leadership, employment history, and community service.”


The Arrowhead Scholarship fund amount varies per recipient. Murphy says, “This scholarship paid for probably around two classes which is a major help.” 


Along with the application, letters of recommendation are needed. Letters of recommendation are due on Friday, February 11th, 2022. 


After letters of recommendation are submitted, the next due date to look out for is Thursday, February 17th, 2022, when updated transcripts and GPA are due. 


Another due date to look for is in early May 2022 when applicants will be notified, via email, whether or not they will receive an ASF scholarship. 


Sunday, May 22, at 3 pm, 2022 an annual awards night will be hosted to recognize recipients and donors. 


With all of these deadlines in mind. Murphy says the best thing to do is get the application done early. “Get it done early! It’s always nice to just get it over with, and then you can worry about other, more difficult things.” 


As for Arrowhead’s senior Presley Hansen, she says she “is starting [her] application soon!”


2021 winners can be seen here.


Other links important to the Arrowhead Scholarship fund will be posted below.


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