Senior Profile: Ainslee Engelhardt


Alex Stahl, Reporter

Ainslee Engelhardt is a senior at Arrowhead and she says she is “very excited for her senior year to come to a close.”


Engelhardt, is involved with sports and extracurricular activities at Arrowhead, including field hockey, and she is a part of a total of seven clubs at Arrowhead. 


Engelhardt applied to twelve colleges in total; she has been accepted by four, and was deferred by one. Engelhardt said, “I intend to major in Nursing, with a minor in German and maybe Poli Sci!”


Engelhardt was accepted into University of Missouri, University of Alabama, University of Mississippi, and Truman State University. She was deferred by Tulane University. Being deferred means that they will look more into her application later. Her top three choices for college are, Mizzou (University of Missouri), University of South Carolina, and UT Austin. 


Besides College, Engelhardt said, “My goals after high school include active duty service through the Air Force or Army as a commissioned officer after I complete my four years of undergrad. I would then work as a nurse.”


Engelhardt currently works at Walgreens in Hartland as a Pharmacy Technician. She has worked there for a little over a year.


In her free time, Engelhardt says she enjoys going to the gym, coloring, and playing club field hockey. She also enjoys spending time with her two cats. 


Ainslee had her senior pictures taken by a fellow senior Anna Tweeden, “I actually got ghosted from my original photographer, so student and senior Anna Tweeden actually took mine and they turned out great.”


Engelhardt said she is overall really happy with how her senior year is going, and as sad as she is to leave, she is, “very excited for the next part in my life.”