College Decisions: Who Is Going Where?

Ava Lillesand and Sophie Illman

As Arrowhead reaches the end of the first semester for the 2021-2022 school year, seniors are beginning to make decisions on how they want to begin the next chapter of their lives. Seniors are signing with colleges, beginning businesses, starting new jobs, and joining the trades. Students have to make their college decisions by May first according to the CTLC. 


Senior, Aiden Dixon, says “I recently made the decision to play hockey in Louisiana in Juniors for The Mudbugs. I won’t be attending college until about three  years after high school.” 


Juniors is a competitive hockey league for the ags of 16-21, and provides opportunities for these kids to increase their skills and get ready for the NHL or College level hockey. 


Other seniors who are athletically involved like Joey Okla have begun deciding their majors. 


Okla says, “I am going to be attending the University of Illinois where I am going to be continuing my football career. I am going to study business and do something in that aspect, but have not decided what specifically I just know I want to be in that field. I am really excited to start my journey as a fighting Illini.”


Other seniors who are not planning on playing a sport after high school are starting to think about what they want to focus on after they graduate. 


Senior Carlos Gamino said, “I am planning on going to the University of Arizona in Tucson and I want to major in international business and pre law and am going to try to get my law degree and am going to practice international business. I also want to buy real estate and do that as a side hustle.”