Showing Our Teachers Appreciation

Angelina Ashby, Reporter

The student senate came up with an idea for a staff appreciation hot cocoa bar/coffee bar in the school cafe. 

This event started on December 20, 2021 and it opened at 7 am, and originally it was meant to be a one day thing, but after that day the cafe had a lot of leftovers so they were letting students and staff continue to buy the treats that were being sold.

The cafe features hot cocoa, coffee, tea and all of the fixings, along with cookies to go along with the drinks. 

While this is all being held in the school cafe at North campus, down at South campus, it is being held in the staff lounge off of the cubicles.

Natalie Berens, senior at Arrowhead says, “The hot cocoa bar is a good idea because it shows the staff here at Arrowhead that we’re thankful and appreciate them.”

Ayisha El-Refaie, a senior at Arrowhead says, “The staff appreciation coffee and hot cocoa bar has been a great ongoing way to show our support for our teachers and bring the Arrowhead community together as a whole. Being able to show our teachers that we are thankful for everything they do for us is very important to the students here, and we just wanted to find a way to truly say thank you.”