Private, Single Stall Restrooms in the Making

During the spring of 2021, the Arrowhead school board approved the making of private, single stall restrooms at North and South campuses because of a letter they received from students who did not feel comfortable in a specific gender restroom. 


After the school board consulted with other schools about their setup, there will now be restrooms renovated at both campuses for single-person use to make those students feel more comfortable. 


South campus will have this restroom set in the 600s hallway near the band and choir rooms. 


North campus already has a set of private, single stall bathrooms near the theater but will be slightly changed to have better indicators on who can use the bathrooms. North will also have one restroom near the cafeteria and autos classroom turned into a private, single stall restroom for anyone to use and one will stay a staff restroom. North will also have one more turned into a single use restroom across from N127. 


These restrooms will all be set up with vape detectors for these restrooms may become a target for this activity. 


Freshman Emmerson Berger says she understands the meaning of these restrooms but fears that people are not going to use them for what it should actually be used for. 


These restrooms are going to have deadbolt indicators installed and updated signage that will help identify that they are staff and student/public restrooms according to the school board. 


The staff restrooms will need a key to access and a deadbolt to indicate whether or not the restroom is in use or not. 


The restrooms marked “restrooms” are accessible for all staff/student/public usage and there will be a deadbolt indicator for privacy. 


Sophomore Alvaro Araque says that these restrooms are a good idea and are going to be very inclusive.