Best Holiday Gifts, According to Arrowhead Students

Emily Hollern, Reporter

As the holidays come around this December, people are beginning to have to buy gifts for each other. With Christmason the 25th, and Kwanzaa from the 26th to the first of the new year, gift ideas are needed.


“I think asking for money is the best idea, no matter the gender,” says junior Connor Henson. “When you ask for money, you can buy whatever you actually want.” He thinks that money is the ultimate gift for a friend.


Another student, junior Austin Doty, says, “Generally speaking I believe that clothes, jewelry, accessories, and perfume would make good gifts for a teenage girl.”


A 2020 Arrowhead graduate, Landon Hannah, says, “I am not a woman so I cannot speak on their behalf but makeup, a bit stereotypical but can’t go wrong with it, or treats.” Different makeup brands include Elf, Maybelline, and L’Oreal. Each makeup brand can have different price ranges, but a well known cheaper brand, especially for beginners, is Wet ‘N Wild. According to their website, one can get a nine-shade eyeshadow palette for five dollars.


Gifting to boys can be different. “Video games, gaming accessories, and cologne are great gifts for teenage guys. Again these can obviously vary from person to person,” Doty says. Popular gaming consoles include the Playstation and the Xbox, and a popular PC website is Steam when it comes to buying games. Gift cards can be found online and in stores.


Hannah adds, “For teenage boys, I’d suggest some video games if they’re into that, otherwise gift cards; if you don’t know what they want, let them get it themselves.”


For gender neutral gifts, Hannah says, “A mix and match I suppose, treats, games, some electronics maybe, accessories anyone can enjoy, maybe the gift can be a trip somewhere, like a fancy dinner or other less physical gifts.” Treats can include different brands of candy, muffins, even sweets like Rice Krispies.


“Candy, board [or] card games, and deodorant all make great gifts for general teenagers,” Doty says. “Really anything works. A lot of people like hoodies, too.” Make sure to ask the person being gifted what size they wear, though.


No matter the gender, there are gift ideas for everyone when it comes to the holidays. They don’t have to be costly, either.

Hannah says, “You can find a lot of nice stuff to give your friends and family for cheap, even around the holidays. People appreciate the meaning more than the gift itself.”