Arrowhead Students’ Spotify Wrapped and Music Trends

Spotify is a digital music, podcast and video streaming service for $9.99 a month that gives listeners access to its music library. According to AARP, Spotify is the number one music streaming service. Spotify has 172 million premium subscribers worldwide, stated by 


At the end of each year, Spotify gives listeners an overview of the most memorable listening moments of the year. This is known as Spotify wrapped. It is a trend for users of Spotify to share their Spotify wrapped to social media. On the social media platform, Instagram, the #spotifywrapped has 194,868 posts, and on TikTok, the # has over 25.1 billion views. 


At Arrowhead, ten students gave their top three Spotify wrapped artists. 40% of the ten students had Kayne West in their top three. 30% of students had Billie Eilish in their top three. 20% of the students had Taylor Swift as their number one artist, and 20% of the ten students had One Direction in their top three. 


Spotify wrapped tends to come out around the end of November through the beginning of December. Users Spotify wrapped is shown through a slideshow when you first open the application. The slideshow is composed of many different topics and questions. It begins with showing you what your movie soundtrack would be based off of the music you listen to. Then continues on to show you how many minutes were spent listening to music in 2021, your top five songs of the year, your top five genres, etc. The slideshow is four minutes long, and is available to watch until the end of the year. 


According to, in the United States, Drake was the overall number one streamed Spotify artist of 2021, with Taylor Swift as number two, and Juice WRLD as number three. The number one streamed song in the United States in 2021 was Olivia Rodrigo’s, “Drivers License ” with over 1.1 billion streams. Number two was Rodrigo’s “Good 4 You” and third was Dua Lipa’s, “Kiss Me More”.


Three Arrowhead sophomores gave their favorite artists of the year. Bree Zuzick says her favorite artists of 2021 were, “Justin Bieber, Harry Styles, and Logic.” Haile Humbrecht’s favorite artists of the year were “Kayne West, Conan Grey and Rex Orange County,” and Ava Oleniczak’s favorite artists were “Quinn XCII, James Young, and Olivia Rodrigo.”