Wally Grounds: The Coffee Shop That Keeps Arrowhead Running

Ava Lillesand, Reporter

Arrowhead’s coffee shop is located at North Campus. The shop is run by students and teachers in the special education program. The shop is open to students, teachers, and any other visitors throughout the morning (before school) until fifth hour. 


The coffee shop sells hot and cold beverages as well as baked goods. Everyday of the school year they sell; chai teas, teas, mochas, hot apple cider, and hot chocolate. Their seasonal drinks are pumpkin lattes in autumn and peppermint lattes in winter. They also feature cold Starbucks coffee and hot coffee from Steamyard. The Starbucks and Steamyard coffee both come pre-made. The Starbucks coffee is served pre packaged as well. There are also some homemade items in the shop, like muffins. The coffee shop only accepts cash. Drinks come in sizes small and large. 


The goal of the shop is to give the working students an opportunity to experience a job-like environment. The profits are put back into the shop for supplies. The shop also provides a studying area for students during their study halls. Students receive an elective credit for working in the shop. 


Jean Henschel, a former Arrowhead teacher, came up with the idea for the shop in 2011. 


Kate Sullivan, junior, says “My favorite part is the atmosphere. Everyone is so loving… It’s like a little family.” 


Sullivan has been working in the shop during her study halls this year. 

Teachers can call and order drinks to be delivered to their classrooms. 


Mondays are restock days, where the students take part in helping with the shopping for everything needed to run the shop. 


Arrowhead teacher Eileen Dlobik has been working in the shop for eight years. 


Dlobik, a special education teacher, says, “A fun fact about the shop is that it goes through about eight gallons of milk a week.” 


Arrowhead teacher Eileen Dlobik has been working in the shop for eight years. 


Dlobik says, “The coffee shop is a great place for students to stop by and get a great drink and also connect with people.” 


Max Marott is a senior who works in the shop everyday. He is going to start working an internship at ACE Hardware. 


Marott says, “I am learning job skills that I can use in my future internship!” 


Marott’s favorite drink is a hot apple cider with cinnamon and caramel.