Teacher Excitement Over Winter Break

Sophie Illman, Reporter

Winter break for Arrowhead High School begins on December 23rd, and ends on January 2nd. With this break coming up, not only are students making plans, but so are the teachers. Teachers have plans all across the board and are looking forward to getting out of the school for break. With winter break approaching quickly, teachers are beginning to make their break plans as soon as they can. 

Math teacher and varsity volleyball coach, Mrs. Hobbs says, “I am going downtown to watch the Christmas carol in downtown Milwaukee which I am really excited for. I am also spending Christmas Eve in Madison with my mom’s side of the family and then Christmas Day I will be spending with my dad’s side of the family. After that we are going to my fiance’s home in Chippewa falls and spending some of the Christmas break there to be with them.”

Teacher Ms. Danay also has some family time planned for Christmas break. 

Danay says, “I have three boys that are ages 11, 9, and 5 that I will spend my whole break with. We have no plans to travel, but I know that we will be busy with family gatherings and just catching up around the house. The thing I am most excited to give them is probably their Oculus Quest 2 thing so I can also try it for my workouts. My Mom and stepdad are also coming to spend Christmas Eve with us before she heads to the Packer game on Christmas. When you have three boys that are still believers so it gets kind of crazy; I would say Christmas is pretty fun, but as a Mom that works full-time and has to try and make it all happen. I am so stressed out right now! I will be wrapping until midnight on Christmas Eve!”

Although Christmas break is exciting for many teachers, and they love having the time off, they also are parents and family members and have lots to deal with outside of being a teacher.