AHS Hawkettes Dance Team

Reagan Oestreich and Audrey Grindatti

On Friday December 10th, Arrowhead’s Hawkette Dance Team will be performing at the Girls varsity basketball game during halftime. 


Not only will they be performing, but this year they are bringing back the guy girl dance as they have done years prior. It is where each member of the team invites a boy from the school to perform a christmas partner dance during halftime at the varsity girls basketball game. 


There are 46 total students performing including hawkette team members and their dance partners. They will be dancing to a Christmas mashup. 


The boys invited have attended a couple practices with the hawkettes in preparation for the December 10th halftime show. They first learned the dance Tuesday the seventh and worked on cleaning it Wednesday the eighth. 


Senior Anna Tweeden says, “I am so glad we are bringing back the guy girl dance. We didn’t do it last year, but it was so much fun when we had it years before. It is a great way to switch things up and great for the holiday season.” 


Not only is the guy girl christmas dance during the basketball game going on, but it also fits with DECA’s marketing night due to the fact that it is christmas themed and the student section theme is rudolph red out.