Arrowhead’s Student-Made Instagram Accounts

Hayley Winser, Reporter

There is a new trend going around school districts for students to make accounts for their schools and post pictures of things such as people sleeping, bad parking and bad posture. These accounts are not affiliated with the schools, and are student made. 


At Arrowhead, some accounts that have been made are @ahsslumped, @ahs_posture, @ahsworstparkers, etc. The owners of the accounts are unknown, and they take submissions via DM (direct message).


Sophomore Alexa Jarvis says, “I think the accounts are really stupid.” 


Other accounts on Instagram are associated with Arrowhead such as @ahsgators. The gators are a group of seniors who post themes for games, some scores of games, and more. There are also accounts for Arrowhead sports, like @ahshockey, @ahsbsoccer, and @ahsgirlsbball_. 


Sophomore Skyler Marshall thinks instead of having all these random instagram accounts, “there should be a whole account where they post all of the scores of the games so I don’t have to follow every sports Instagram account.” 


Jarvis thinks, “there should be an account where we collectively post homework answers.” 


Other schools in the surrounding area also have the same type of instagram accounts. Pewaukee High School has @_slumped_phs, @phs_shoegame, @phs_best_cars, etc. 


Addyson Chapman, Pewaukee junior who was featured on one of her school’s accounts says, “I think the accounts are funny but annoying when there are multiple accounts. I  did not care to see myself on the account and found it funny but think it could upset people depending on what the caption may be, etc.” 


Sophomore Grant Hansen, who was featured on @ahsslumped says, “I think they’re funny, I wasn’t mad I was on it.” 


Marshall says, “It’s not right for people to get posted without them knowing.” Jarvis agrees by saying that people shouldn’t be posted without their consent.