Former AHS Graduates share an update on their lives now.

Many students come and go from Arrowhead throughout the years. After graduation they then go and either live in different states or stay in the same spot and many continue on with different jobs. 


Lisa Hansen, class of 1998, decided to stay in Hartland, Wisconsin. 


Hansen went to Winona State for college and majored in accounting. After college, she moved back to Hartland and started her job at Deloitte tax (a public accounting firm). She worked there for eight years. Then took a job in the Corporate Tax Department at Quad/Graphics in Sussex.


Hansen says, “Life was pretty busy after high school.”


But what Hansen said she remembers about Arrowhead Union High School is hanging out with her friends. For that is where she met her husband and, what she says “her people.”


Mark Davies, class of 1994, always had an interest in flying and shortly after he graduated from UW-Milwaukee he went to pilot training in the Air Force. He started flying for American Airlines full time in 2014. 


Davies took a leave of absence during the 2020 pandemic and has been working full time at the Scott AFB as a Deputy Director of Operations in the Air Refueling Division. He plans on going back to American Airlines in 2022 as a first officer on the 787 out of Chicago O’Hare.


Davies says that he remembers from Arrowhead all the friendships he has made and enjoyed all the extra curricular activities as he took advantage of many of these. 


Davies thinks it’s important to try as many things as you can to get a sense of things you like.