Arrowhead Teachers Send Postcards to Students


Ava Lillesand, Reporter

Arrowhead North Campus Psychologist, Kevin Lewandowski and a group of his Arrowhead co-workers, started the tradition of sending postcards to students, a few years ago. Lewandowski and other teachers are a part of The Arrowhead Way Team. 


Lewandowski says, “This is a team [The Arrowhead Way Team] composed of myself, a few counselors, a few teachers, and a few administrators with the goal of making Arrowhead a more appropriate, respectful, and responsible place.”  


In last year’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 78.5% of students responded that they “strongly agree” or “agree” that they feel they belong at Arrowhead. The goal, Lewandowski says, of postcards is to raise this number. 


Many teachers feel that these postcards will have a positive impact on their students. 


Christie Klun, teacher of business classes , says, “ I definitely think that acknowledging small acts of kindness, strong leadership in the classroom or simply telling a student how much I enjoy them in class is very impactful.” 


Klun has sent out two postcards so far this year, and intends on sending out many more. 


The postcard goal for this school year is so that every student receives a postcard. Teachers are asked to send two postcards per month. As of December 1st 2021, 9.7/100% of students have received a postcard. We are currently 16% through the school year.