Feature on Arrowhead Student: Corinna Langenohl

Corinna Langenohl is a junior at Arrowhead High School. She is new this year and moved here from Round Rock, Texas. Corinna and her family moved because their family is here, and her two older sisters, Tressa and Seriana are attending UW Madison. 


Langenohl says, “My first day was kind of scary. It’s daunting to walk into such a big school having no idea where you’re going and not really knowing any of your peers…The day got better once I was at lunch. A group of girls asked me to come over and sit with them. I’ve been in their group ever since!” 


Langenohl moved to Wisconsin because she has family in the area. Her sisters, Tressa and Serianna go to UW Madison. Langenohl says she loves Lake Country. 


She says, “My favorite memory so far would have to be the football games. We had football games in Texas, but they were never as exciting as they are here.” 


She has gone to almost all the home football games and has participated in the game themes. 


Langenohl says, “The one big difference between here and my school in Texas would be the schedule structure. In Texas I only had four classes a day whereas here, I have ten. I honestly enjoy the schedule here better. I find I can focus easier when my classes are shorter.”