Anti-Bullying Video Competition

Audrey Grindatti, Reporter

This year, Arrowhead hosted an Anti-Bullying video contest for AHS students. The goal of the contest was to spread positivity and create a positive message. 


When questioned about who had the idea for this, Principal Adam Kurth said that in a discussion about Anti-Bullying month at an Arrowhead way leadership meeting they “agreed that there should be more student voice and ownership in the efforts.” Through more conversation it was decided that students will be able to create a strong message through their phones. 


Video requirements included: 30 to 60 seconds, the informational flyer said it should “highlight themes of anti-bullying, positive choices, peer to peer respect, and most importantly empathy.” 


The video was due November 12th and could be made by students individually or with a group of people. Kurth said “We will meet again after Thanksgiving to review and determine the top three winners and how they will be announced or shared out.” 


For students who participated they had the opportunity to win prizes. A first, second and third place prize will be given. 


First place prize is a pizza party and reserved parking spot for one month. Second and third place prizes include your choice of drink from Wally Grounds or Froyo from the school store. 


Principal Kurth said, “We believe this to be a positive new practice that is easy and beneficial to replicate each year.  We hope students feel empowered to have a voice in the school’s anti-bullying efforts and can use their skills and interests to create powerful messages each year.”