Middle School Students Sign Up For Pre ACT

Saturday, December 4, 2021 is the date for some of the eighth grade students to take the Pre ACT test. 


Director of Learning at Arrowhead, Sue Casetta said, “December 4 is a testing day for SOME eighth graders for the Pre ACT [and that at] South Campus various classrooms [will be used] depending on the amount of registrations.”


The testing location will be in a variety of different South Campus classrooms. Classrooms will be dependent on the amount of registration among eighth grade students.


If a student cannot be present on December 4, the makeup date is December 11, 2021, from 7:45 to 11:00 AM.


A student may be inclined to take the Pre ACT to help place them into the most academically fitting classes. 


The materials needed to take the Pre ACT are as follows: $14 (check made out to Arrowhead Union High School), number two pencils, and a calculator. The check must be turned in to the Arrowhead office by the testing date and all calculators are allowed to be used during testing. 


Casetta said, “Students turn in checks on the day of the test.” Casetta also stated that calculators can be used and the time will be from 7:45 until 11am.


In order for students to receive their test scores, the name of the correct feeder school must be shown. If a student is homeschooled or attends a private school, students should make sure to add the correct address as well. 


The testing scores should come in two weeks after the final testing day.