AHS Book Club Hosts Virtual Holiday Book Fair

Audrey Grindatti and Reagan Oestreich

November 29 through December 13 the Arrowhead student book club is hosting a Virtual Holiday Bookfair in partnership with Books & Company. 


Coming up, there will be more information on where you can go to purchase books and a QR code directly to the site will be available. 


Book Club is a student-centered and student-driven club where students meet and discuss books chosen by the group. This club meets every three to four weeks in the library or room 164 at North Campus. 


An email was sent out to staff by Arrowhead English Teacher Liz Munkwitz, saying that this year they are including a student and staff recommendations list on the Book Fair website. If students or staff would like to fill out book recommendations by November 19th, click this link here


Munkwitz and Katie Herrmann, also an AHS English teacher, have been advisors of Book Club for the past couple years. This is their first year hosting a book fair. They hope this is something they can do in the future and eventually have in person.


They are wanting to raise money for the club and hope to eventually give money to charity or organization in the future. They get a percentage of the profit made from the book sales while their partner Books & Company gets the other. 


Munkwitz said, “We will get a portion of the profit, but it will be minimal. Hopefully in the future we will be able to donate some money to charity or organizations.”


Books & Company was chosen as a partner for this event because they have worked with the AHS Book Club in the past. Books & Company is also a local independent bookstore in Oconomowoc 


Munkwitz is hoping to have a lot of people participate in this event. When asked if she thinks that the virtual aspect will benefit the cause she said she was hopeful it would be due to the fact that they would be able to get the link out as much as they can, making it easily accessible to more people.