What it’s like working at Starbucks: Jenna Emons


Emily Hollern, Reporter

Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee chains in America, with over six-thousand stores nationwide. From teenagers to those who are retired, many people find solace in sitting down for a drink over a book, date, or even study. Working there, on the other hand, is much different.


As an employee at Starbucks, there are many duties. Jenna Emons, a senior at Arrowhead who works at the Starbucks in Sussex, says, “I make and brew lots of drinks, both hot and cold…I take orders, both at the drive-thru window and in the cafe. I do customer support, which includes any basic tasks like wiping down counters, taking out trash, and more.” 


Starbucks hires their employees at 16 or older, so many opportunities can be found within high school years. The environment is friendly, according to Emons. 


“Starbucks aims for a really positive and welcoming environment and I think it pays off. I really do enjoy working there, my coworkers are hardworking and are so fun to work with,” she says. 


Fortunately for the employees, says Emons, “The customers, especially regulars, are really nice too.”


But that’s not all of the benefits from working as a barista at Starbucks. Emons says, “The benefits at Starbucks are really great, and I really love the free Spotify premium. There’s tons of health and insurance benefits, and the pay is pretty good.” 


The starting pay at the Sussex Starbucks is $12 per hour.


Along with that, future motivation stands. “The company announced they are raising the minimum wage by next summer, so that’s motivating,” Emons says. 


Starbucks announced that by summer 2022, their starting wages will rise to $15 per hour.


Emons says, “A really popular benefit is that you can get free college at ASU, so I have lots of coworkers working on their degrees.” 


Arizona State University (ASU) is offering reimbursed online programs for Starbucks employees, which is a scholarship from work. Emons herself does not plan to attend.


“I genuinely enjoy working there and think it’s a great place to work,” says Emons. Yet, her Starbucks location is struggling due to being understaffed. “We’ve had to close the cafe and only run the drive-thru a few times because we don’t have enough people working,” she adds.


“All in all, Starbucks has been a great fit for me, and has definitely been flexible since I’m still in high school,” Emons says. “I’ve worked there since August, and I plan on transferring to a different location when I’m in college so I can still work at Starbucks.”