Senior Photos Due November 19th

For seniors, the time has come: Friday, November 19th. That’s when senior photos are due. 


If photos are not submitted by then, it will result in a $25.00 fine. The last day the photos can be turned in for the yearbook is Sunday, November 28th. As of November 3rd, 177 photos have been received. 


Students can still purchase a yearbook for this 2021-22 school year by going to this link. They are $55+ depending on if you want accessories added with your purchase. 


Arrowhead recommends that you have your senior photographer send photos to Jostens publishing company by going to this website. 


Senior Grabrielle Urban’s photographer did just that so the quality of the image would remain the same. 


Seniors did a variety of things to prepare for their senior photos. 


Senior Haley Hunt prepared for her photos by curling her hair and doing her makeup. For Hunt’s outfit, she used clothes she had from her closet to put together her look. 


Urban picked out her outfits a couple days prior to her photos and then did her hair and makeup at her house. 


Senior Tierney Ordway went out before her shoot and bought new clothes and curled her hair for her photos. 


Senior Shannon Dwyer said she noticed, “Delafield was a trendy spot. I saw a bunch of people who had pics taken there which is why I wanted to do something different.”  


Dwyer also said she noticed a lot of people had taken their senior photos in summer with lighter colors, which is why she decided to do hers in the fall with darker colors. 


While Delafield was a trendy spot for pictures, there were some other places seniors would go to take their pictures. 


Senior Alexandra Stahl took her pictures in Paradise Springs in Eagle, Wisconsin. The photos were taken by her sister’s friend Maddy who is a college student majoring in photography. 


Stahl said her photos took about two hours. This time was consistent with a lot of the seniors. 


Hunt and Ordway got their pictures taken by the same photographer, Kelly Lee Photography, but in different locations. 


Hunt took her photos in Lapham Peak and Ordway took hers in downtown Delafield and the Fish Hatchery. 


Hunt and Ordway found Kelly Lee Photography through a family friend connection. 


Urbans photos were taken mid September at her photographer, Terri Groth’s, house. 


Urban says, “She has a barn, flower fields, and very cool places at her house so they all came out beautifully.”