Seniors Begin to Prepare for Graduation


Lisa Jorgensen, Reporter

Arrowhead seniors started to prepare for graduation by attending a cap and gown presentation given by Taylor Crandall, a Jostens representative, on Tuesday, October 26th, 2021, during fifth and sixth hour lunch at North Campus in the East Gym. 


Cassidy Roche, a senior at Arrowhead, said, “The information presented at the meeting was very helpful[.] I felt very prepared to order and didn’t have any questions by the end of the presentation.”


The presentation covered how the seniors can order their caps and gowns for graduation to ensure that everything will fit properly. 


The cap and gown can be ordered online with three different options that range from $49.94 to $143.95. The basic choice includes the mascot tassel, cap, and gown. It is the third choice that is titled “Cap & Gown(C),” priced at $49.94.


Crandall said, “Seniors need to submit their cap and gown orders on by Tuesday, November 9th to ensure proper gown sizing.” 


Having the seniors order their caps and gowns early can guarantee that the seniors will have what they need on time for graduation that will take place on June 4th, 2022.


Seniors can also get “Class of 2022” rings for prices ranging from $275 to $540 depending on the kind of ring. Seniors could also purchase one of the four different graduation packages for prices ranging from $140.90 to $269.95. All of the items and their prices can be found on Jostens website.


Parents or guardians of seniors and the seniors can contact Crandall at [email protected] or text 1-800-JOSTENS with any questions. More information can also be found on the Jostens website linked here


Crandall said, “Graduation is an exciting time and while it may seem graduation is far away, it is right around the corner and we want to make sure students have everything they need for the ceremony.”


Graduation is a big milestone for the seniors as they finish off their four years at Arrowhead and start their new journey with college. 


Roche said, “I am so looking forward to graduation in June[.] I’ve been working very hard to do well in school and, hopefully, I can end my high school career with a bang.”