Siya Sinha: Arrowhead’s Official Hype Man


Ava Lillesand, Reporter

Siya Sinha, a junior at Arrowhead, posted a “hype” video on her Instagram on October 12th, 2021. This video featured the events of the Arrowhead versus Waukesha South, the homecoming game. Sinha filmed the on field and off field action. Sinha has her own YouTube channel where she posts vlogs of other school activities and her daily life. Her handle is @siyasinha, and she currently has 696 subscribers and has a video, showing a day in her life while at work, with over 22k views. 


Sinha says, “Ever since middle school I’ve had an undeniable love for making videos. Seeing hype videos pop up on my social media inspired me to make one of my own for Arrowhead.” 


The Arrowhead student section can be seen cheering and showing their school spirit by wearing all red. The video is 1 minute and 55 seconds. There is some talking and cheering, but the song “Nice for What” by Drake is the most prominent audio in the video. After the video was posted, the football coach reached out to Sinha for the video. 


Sinha says, “Even though football season is over, I hope to continue making videos for AHS whether it’s for events or for the upcoming winter sports. I’ve started filming videos for individual athletes who have reached out to me as well.”


Sinha has not only received support from her peers but also job offers. 


Sinha says, “Getting job offers was so shocking and exciting. I can’t wait to make money for something I love doing.”