AHS Hawkettes Welcome Veterans Home at MKE Honor Flight Event


Picture credits: Anna Tweeden

Reagan Oestreich and Audrey Grindatti

On Saturday, October 16, the Arrowhead Hawkette Dance team went to Milwaukee International Airport to welcome veterans back from their trip to Washington D.C. 


Honor Flight is a program that provides veterans a chance to visit Washington D.C and see memorials that honor their sacrifice and accomplishments for our country. This opportunity is granted nationwide and to all veterans that apply. For more information click here.


Due to coaching and planning issues in the beginning of the season, Hawkette coaches didn’t plan for this event this year as they had years prior, so senior Anna Tweeden decided to help organize and get in contact with the Honor Flight organization to keep the tradition going. 


Senior Hawkett Grace Talbot said, “I was so proud and excited that our team was able to be a part of this Honor Flight parade. As a member of the team it was my first time attending this event but I know this is a tradition the team has participated in for years.”


This year, coordinators of the Honor Flight event requested that no more than 14 members of the dance team attend so upperclassman juniors and seniors (12 dancers) of the team were able to attend the airport; the two extra spots were given to parents from the team. The general public was asked to attend virtually due to Covid precautions. The Hawketts and family members were required to wear a mask to make sure the elderly were as safe as possible. 


As the veterans arrived back home and got off the plane, they were greeted by family and the Hawkettes with signs reading “Thank you veterans,” “Hawkettes Love Veterans,” and “Arrowhead Hawkettes Thanks You.” 


Talbot said, “The veterans were overcome with joy and happiness when they saw us cheering for them, some even teared up.”


Along with attending the event, the Hawkettes made 97 letters which the veterans got to open on the plane ride to Washington. 


Hawkette parent Kim Tweeden was able to attend the event and said, “I was honored to be able to participate and am so proud of the entire team for writing all of those amazing cards to the veterans. I’m excited for the team to continue this wonderful tradition.”