Catch Me If You Can Ends on Saturday!


Autumn Treml and Lucy Duchac

After five shows so far, the Arrowhead Broadway Company cast and crew reflects on their performances of Catch Me If You Can, a Broadway Musical based on a true story and movie.


The show follows Frank William Abagnale Jr. (played by Arrowhead’s senior Kevin McNeil) as he runs away from home and starts living by fake identities. Frank forges documents and IDs as he becomes a pilot, doctor, and lawyer, all while passing bad checks. The show also follows FBI Agent Carl Hanratty (played by Arrowhead’s senior Christian Carter) as he tries to track down and catch Frank.


Alex Cluka, a senior and Broadway Company member, who plays the role of Paula Abagnale  says, “It has gone extremely well. I am very happy to be fulfilling my first lead role in a Broadway company. I feel like this show has been extremely clean so far, the numbers look great.” 


Actors and actresses say they are excited about the success they have had so far. Behind the scenes crew members are also ecstatic about the shows so far, expressing the talent of the cast and crew, as well as the fun nature of the show. 


Ursula Rose, a senior and member of the running crew for the show, says, “We are all having so much fun! Broadway Company is also doing an incredible job. These people are super talented and give it all they’ve got. I’m happy to help out with the show and hang out with everybody. I’m so proud of all of us.” 


With the show featuring intricate set pieces and musical numbers, the cast and crew have been preparing for the shows since the summer of 2021. 


Cluka says that they have been rehearsing “since July of this past summer when [they] had Broadway’s camp week for about eight days in the middle of July until about the end of July.” 


The Crew has also been working hard at the show—Stage Manager Julia Emons, a senior at Arrowhead, says that she also attended the Broadway Camp over the summer, and “Once the school year started…Stage Crew to help[ed] build the physical show.”


The entirety of Stage Crew started to help with building the set for the show on September 11th, but this year’s returning members started even earlier on September 2nd.


Beyond the success of the show itself, many of the students involved are proud of themselves and their peers. Emons says, “There’s a lot of respect that goes on behind the scenes, and I’m glad that Crew and Broadway get the opportunity to put on such a wild show.”


The cast and crew ask that everyone come see Catch Me If You Can. Tickets are available here