Catch Me if you Can: Open Week Review

Ava Lillesand and Hayley Winser

Arrowhead’s Broadway Company wrapped up opening week for their fall musical, Catch Me If You Can, Sunday, October 17th. The first show was Thursday, October 14th and will continue through October 23rd.


Tickets can be purchased online and are scanned upon entrance. There are three remaining shows: Thursday, October 21st; Friday, October 22nd; and Saturday, October 23rd. 


Alissa Nelson, a junior, says “I would rate this year’s performance a five out of five.  The energy from the stage clearly resonated with the audience as well as me personally, and I thoroughly enjoyed the Broadway Company’s performance of Catch Me If You Can.”


Arrowhead’s Broadway Company held auditions in August, and has been practicing for the musical after school everyday from around 2:00 pm until 5:00 pm. Members also completed a week-long camp during the summer, weekend practices, and night rehearsals lasting until as late as 10:00 pm. 


Sophomore, Tia Salerno says she thinks that the production was a five out of five.  “Everyone in the show can actually sing and the costumes, lighting and sound was pretty good too.”


Freshman Joelle Duty, who saw the production on the first night, says that the acting in this musical was better than previous Arrowhead musicals. 


Duty also said, “I would rate it a three and a half out of five, only because they seemed very nervous at the beginning, and the singing wasn’t always at one hundred percent, but it was still very good.”  


Brady Landis, also a freshman, saw both the first and third show; he rates the production a four out of five. He says, “The energy wasn’t the same in the third show compared to the first show, but the vocal performance was really amazing.” 


Sofia Bakalars, junior, says, “I thought that this play had great costumes and scenery and some of the best dance numbers I’ve seen.” 


Bakalars has seen many other productions at Arrowhead over the past years.