Freshman Kelcy Gilbertson Balances Academics, Athletics, Extracurriculars, and Employment

Freshman Kelcy Gilbertson came from Lake Country middle school and is now a freshman at Arrowhead. Gilbertson was born in Wisconsin and says she “grew up in a good neighborhood with her friends.” Gilbertson has two brothers Reece and Brody Gilbertson. 


Gilbertson plays ice hockey and is planning on trying out for the Arrowhead girls ice hockey team. She also joined the club Warhawk Interact. 


Warhawk Interact is a club that is driven towards helping others. Members do service projects to help the community through cleaning up parks, organizing food drives, and collecting school supplies. The club is built to help students do community service while managing their jobs, sports, and school. If students are interested, contact guidance counselor Kevin Lewandowski for more information. 


Gilbertson has started preseason for hockey and says, “the days I have hockey I usually stay at the Mullet until 5:30.” 


Along with hockey, Gilbertson is also a babysitter for kids in her neighborhood. She babysits on weekends and when people need her. 


Gilbertson said, “My rates vary from $8-14 an hour.” 


Gilbertson balances homework and school during the times she doesn’t have hockey or is babysitting. 


Gilbertson says she enjoys freshman year; she says it’s a big change and would tell future freshmen to focus on their grades more than anything else.