Senior Emerson Odeja works at Steins


Alex Stahl, Reporter

Emerson Odeja, a senior and student at Arrowhead works at Steins Garden and Gifts in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin on 1570 Unity Dr, Oconomowoc, WI 53066.


Odeja has been working there since April 18th, 2021. This is Odeja’s second job, her first being at Dairy Queen in Delafield. She worked at the Dairy Queen from August 8th until December 15th. She left her job due to management reasons. 


Odeja said, “I didn’t enjoy the environment and management had no order to it.”


At Steins, Odeja is a cashier and is in charge of ringing up customers. 


Odeja said, “I often see many teachers and coaches from both Arrowhead and Oconomowoc High school. I really enjoy my co-workers as well.” 


Odeja went to Oconomowoc High School her freshman year and transferred to Arrowhead before her sophomore year.


Currently, Odeja works about twenty to thirty hours a week. She works Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 


The dress code at Steins consists of jeans, closed toe shoes, and a Steins shirt. 


Odeja said, “I also just like the environment I get to work in. I really hope that eventually I can start working in the actual garden center at Steins with the plants.”


Steins is currently hiring. Odeja said her management told her not to release how much she gets paid. 

If you have any interest in knowing more about the job, the link to the website will be below.