AHS Announces Tip line

Zara Agustin Jardon, Reporter

Arrowhead Union High School has provided students with access to SPEAK UP, SPEAK OUT Wisconsin. This is Arrowhead’s Anonymous Tip Line created by the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Office of School Safety (OSS). 


SPEAK UP, SPEAK OUT Wisconsin is a 24/7 threat reporting system where all students, parents, school staff and community members can confidently submit reports. 


The tipline can be used for school threats such as daily safety concerns, bullying, drug use, abuse, assaults, self harm, suicidal thoughts and more. Anyone can summit details of another or oneself by telephone, mobile app, or via the SPEAK UP, SPEAK OUT Wisconsin website 24-hours-a-day, 7-days- a-week. 


Staff monitor tips and communicate directly with school administrators, counselors, and law enforcement to evaluate the severity of the threat.


Wade Lindmark, a junior, said, “Honestly I think it needs some work. Like if people are seriously mentally ill, the last place they’ll probably look to for help is a help call, I mean it’s a convenient resource.” 


The SPEAK UP, SPEAK OUT Resource Center can respond confidentially and quickly to help you or to someone who is hurting or struggling. 


Onesti Ekholm, a junior, said, “I knew about it freshman year because of the Start with Hello Meeting when we did the School Shooting Drill.” 


Ekholm said, “Isn’t there a chance someone would report a false tip as a joke?” 


SPEAK UP, SPEAK OUT has address using the tipline to potentially harass, frighten, intimidate, or abuse another, will be taken up with law enforcement for potentially prosecution. Practical jokes and pranks are not tolerated, reporting a tip is a serious action. SPEAK UP, SPEAK OUT professional analytics has a filtering system to prevent program abuse. 


SPEAK UP, SPEAK OUT analytics assign each tip a number and will not ask for personally identifiable information. Upon submitting a tip the tipper will receive a tip ID and password which will allow two-way dialog with school administrators and SPEAK UP, SPEAK OUT analytics. If there isn’t enough information to move forward with the investigation the analytics can request for information from the individual through the mobile app or website.