NHS Students Help Through Tutoring

Lisa Jorgensen, Reporter

National Honor Society (NHS) students are helping other Arrowhead Union High School students out this year through one-on-one tutoring. Tutoring occurs during an hour or time in the day when both students are free, such as during study hall or lunch. 


According to the Arrowhead website, NHS promotes appropriate recognition for students that reflect outstanding accomplishments in the areas of academics, character, leadership, and service. 


Katie Herrmann, a Language Arts teacher at Arrowhead, has no connection to NHS, but still asked one of her students that is in NHS if they were willing to help out by doing peer reviews and giving feedback. 


Herrmann reached out to a student that has high AP scores and is great at writing. 


NHS has different committees that are run by a student advisory council that includes service, senior citizen, fundraising, teacher appreciation, and tutoring. 


Herrman said, “If considering a tutor, I would look for students who are diligent, conscientious, hardworking, and intrinsically-motivated.”


Teachers look for students that could be good tutors for other students. This includes students that stay on task and work hard, have a better understanding of the subject and would be able to apply their knowledge to help a student that might be struggling in the subject. 


Teresina Salerno, a sophomore at Arrowhead, said, “I have heard of it and have found it helpful. My mom likes it because it is free.” Salerno has been tutored by Colin Kane, a senior at Arrowhead. Kane is also in JSA(Junior State of America) and helps students out with math and science.


According to Herrmann, she was thrilled to recommend Caroline Frost, a senior at Arrowhead, as an AP Literature writing tutor. Tutoring would also help Frost get extra NHS volunteer hours that she might have needed as well.


When students join NHS, they are making a commitment to continue to model qualities that they were using before they became a part of the National Honor Society. They are expected to be at the two 45 minute meetings twice a month at 6:45 am. They are also expected to complete at least 12 hours of NHS-related service each semester and maintain their GPA above or at 3.5. 


In an email to the Language Arts staff, Herrmann said, “If any of your students are in need of help with their writing in terms of tutoring/peer review, I have an amazing writer (with stellar AP exams scores to prove it!) who is willing to help.”

Frost says she was more than thrilled to be able to help other students out and was even open to having students meet her in person during 4th or 6th hour for tutoring if needed to go over things that they might have not understood about the assignment or feedback given. 


Frost said, “Otherwise, feel free to encourage them to share their work with me and I will be happy to give feedback.