Chromebooks Experience Issues as the School Year Begins

Chromebooks Experience Issues as the School Year Begins

Reagan Oestreich, Reporter

An email was sent out to staff members and students regarding chromebook Wi-Fi issues by Director of Library Media and Technology Donna Smith. 


Smith says that students that have chromebooks have had issues with logging into the Wi-Fi this year. 


Information about how to temporarily fix this issue can be found linked in the Student Technology Self-Help Center in students’ shared Google Drive area, as AHS administrators are still looking for a long term fix. 


Smith wrote in an email, “We continue to research the issue and will update everyone as we find a solution. We appreciate your patience.”


For now, if you are a student or staff member with a chromebook and experiencing Wi-Fi issues, sign out of your account, make sure to connect to AHS student Wi-Fi, and then click on “browse as guest”. Never connect to AHSguest Wi-Fi. 


Smith says issues logging into the Wi-Fi might also be an issue with using Chrome. If this is the case try using a different browser when logging into the Wi-Fi. 


Senior Cara Wellentin says, “It was really frustrating trying to get all of my work done while having WiFi issues. I hope they are able to come up with a long term fix.” 


In an email Smith said, “If you need additional support please stop by either campus library and the staff can walk you through this process.”