Arrowhead’s Dress Up Day Competition: Student Reactions

Hayley Winser, Reporter

This year, Arrowhead’s student senate tried something new with Homecoming spirit week. In an attempt to increase student participation, student senate held a grade by grade competition on which grade had the most student participation on each spirit day. 


At the beginning of fourth hour every day last week, teachers were asked to tally how many students were participating in that day’s specific theme. Monday was pajama day, Tuesday was Hawaiian day, Wednesday was class colors day, Thursday was Jersey day, and Friday was Arrowheads annual red out. 


At the pep rally last Friday, the student senate revealed that the freshmen won the competition, with sophomores in second place, juniors in third, and seniors in last.  Sophomore Ela Albrecht had some thoughts about the competition; she says,  “I think there should 100% be a prize for the winning grade. I feel like when an incentive is provided, it will motivate more kids to participate.”


Student senate president Kyle Staus say’s, “We definitely saw the whole school buzz with spirit, it was a big hit.” 


Staus says that he saw an increase in participation in this year’s spirit week compared to previous years.  Student senate vice president, Cassidy Roche says, “With the added competition, this pushed the South Campus students to participate more. I  wouldn’t necessarily say the same for North Campus students.”


On Arrowhead’s student senate instagram, @studentsenateahs, two polls were posted on the accounts story. One for Tuesday’s theme, and one for Thursday’s theme. Tuesday’s choices were Hawaiian versus mismatch, and Thursday’s themes were jersey versus neon. Even with this added input students were able to give, some were still upset over the themes. 


Sophomore Jordyn Hazelwood says, “I think the themes are boring and repetitive. I feel like they are the same every year.” 


Albrecht thinks that the themes are basic, “I feel like we should switch it up into themes that have not been done before, or are uncommon.”