It’s a Rap! Homecoming 2021


Arrowhead’s Homecoming dance took place on October 2nd from 7:30-10:30 pm at Arrowhead High School. The dance took place at North Campus in the west gym. This year’s theme was Candyland.


The doors opened up at 7:30pm and closed at 8:30 pm.  Students were not allowed to leave the building until 9:30pm otherwise their parents would have been called. The same thing applied to guests. This was due to Covid-19, so they could track who showed up in case of close contact.


Now that the dance is over, the results are in. What did Arrowhead students think of this year’s return to homecoming? 


Emerson Odeja, a senior, said, “I really am glad that we got to have homecoming again this year, especially since it’s my last. My favorite part would probably be seeing my friends. The dance was okay.” 


Odeja said she didn’t particularly enjoy the dance itself. “I didn’t like how some of the lights were on. I feel people are more comfortable to dance with the lights off, and I feel like the music has always been the same.” 


Austin Boesl, a senior, went to the Fish Hatchery, a park outside the old Fish Hatchery building that is now a senior center, in Delafield for photos and went to Delafield Brewhaus for dinner. 


Boesl said, “I overall enjoyed my homecoming experience, dinner was good, pictures were fun.” 


Boesl said, “Everything about the dance was good. The only thing I had complaints about was the long line to get in. I knew people that were still in line at 8:30 when the doors were supposed to close.”


The line to get in the building was due to random breathalyzer tests. These tests were only given if a student pulled a Joker card out of the deck. If they passed the test, they got a $25 Starbucks gift card.  If a student were to fail the test, the student would be put on pre-expulsion. There is no current count for how many students were breathalyzed. 


Sophomores Emma Beneker and Kaylee Nowak went in the same group together for homecoming. 


Nowak said, “I overall enjoyed the dance, loved the amount of Pitbull music they played, could have used some Harry Styles.” 


One complaint that Beneker had was the slow dance. She said, “They always use the same song for every slow dance, I think it is time to change it to something other than Perfect by Ed Sheeran.”


Siya Sinha, a junior, said, “I overall really enjoyed it, I don’t have much else to say. I felt like people who were actually dancing enjoyed the dance and people who just stood there didn’t. Everyone has their own opinion, but I didn’t think it was bad.”