Cafe Arrowhead Returns to all Staff

Emily Hollern, Reporter


With the start of the new school year comes Cafe Arrowhead, back in business to all teachers and staff every day for lunch. Cafe Arrowhead is a student-run restaurant managed by special education teacher, Gina Ray.  In addition to Ray, support is provided by special education teacher Mary Shaw and other special education support staff. Cafe Arrowhead is located at South Campus in Room 319 and offers staff-only meals daily.


The cafe offers healthy choices made by students in the special education department. 


According to an email sent by Ray to staff, the choices for the week of September 19 ranged from subs to croissants to even salads. Ray, in the email, said, “We are [happy] to offer grab and go lunches everyday. Staff can stop by for a variety of options including deli sandwiches, salads, chips, beverages, and Cafe’s famous cookies.”


Ray says, “[The students] make all the sandwiches, cookies, salads, and dressing.” Ray adds that all menu items are shopped for and prepared by the students.


The cafe is beneficial to those working in it. “Cafe Arrowhead allows our students the opportunity to practice job skills and life skills, like cooking and cleaning,” says Ray. “Students learn various skills including kitchen safety, food prep, customer service skills, and money skills—just to name a few—and the students are responsible for sanitizing all the stations and cleaning up.”


Ray believes that the teachers like the cafe, stating, “Teachers really enjoy coming in because they like to interact with the students, which is also a great opportunity for our students to practice communication skills. It’s a great opportunity for anyone that can be involved, and we’re really happy to have it back.”