Powder Puff Makes a Comeback


Sophie Illman, Reporter

In the Classic 8 conference, the majority of schools host a powder puff game the week of Homecoming, although not regulated by the Classic 8 conference. 


Powder puff is an event where girls get together to form a female flag football team and play against other schools, or grades. Arrowhead does not have powder puff; however, girls are trying to fight for this event in hopes it will be allowed back for Homecoming week in the future. 


This past weekend, the juniors and seniors hosted a powder puff game on their own without school involvement and, according to Junior Gabi Marshall, the game went very well. The game was hosted last Sunday on September 26, on the turf at Arrowhead. 


Marshall says, “It was a great bonding experience between the two grades, and we all had a blast. It was so much fun.”


Senior Devyn Meister agrees the game was very fun, but also thinks the powder puff could have some improvements. 


Meister said, “I know everyone had a great time whether it was players, coaches, or parents, but I think it could have been more collective and a bigger event if the school was involved. If the school had been involved we could have gotten more people included, and got more people excited for Homecoming week.”


Powder puff was not the only homecoming tradition missing; homecoming court was removed as well. 


Senior Isabelle Kureck says, “Arrowhead has already taken away our Homecoming and Prom court, and every other school has that and we don’t. Not only do we not have the courts now, but we also don’t have Powder puff. All these other schools have all these traditional events and ours are being removed.”


Since this event does take place in the fall, this means some of the girls who would participate would be in season for a fall sport. This brings up the question whether or not these athletes should be able to decide if they should participate or if their coach should due to potential injury. 


Marshall says, “Athletes should be able to choose because a coach cannot tell you what you can and cannot do, everyone should be involved and their coaches should be encouraging them to participate. If the athlete does get injured their punishment will be having to deal with the injury and not being able to play their fall sport due to the injury.”