Student Versus Staff Volleyball Game: Who Will Win?

Angelina Ashby, Reporter

On September 30 there will be a game of volleyball in the East Gym at 3:10, where the Girls Varsity volleyball team will play the staff of Arrowhead High School for the celebration of Homecoming.


Last year, since there were more Covid 19 restrictions, the student versus staff volleyball game could not take place and staff were not able to get practice in. Janelle Hobbs, a geometry teacher says, “We will start a much needed warm up at 3pm in the East Gym and end around 4.” 


The team that Arrowhead’s staff is putting together could still use more players, Hobbs says, “Let me know if you want to play! If you just want to cheer, feel free to stop in, too!”


The staff team playing in the game will consist of the following AHS staff: Janelle Hobbs, Mark Leoni, Cheryl Bonlender, Tom Fechter, Kevin Lewandowski, and Danielle Catarozzoli.