New Counselor at North Campus

Emily Hollern, Reporter

Kelly Matthias has been hired as the newest counselor to Arrowhead this year, replacing the vacant spot left by Stephanie Hopkins at North Campus. Matthias counsels juniors and seniors with last names starting with A-G, and she says she is looking forward to the year ahead at Arrowhead.


Matthias has been counselling in schools for fourteen years before she was hired at Arrowhead this summer. She previously counseled at Cedarburg High School.


Matthias says, “Change can be hard, especially adjusting to a new environment, but everyone here has been so welcoming and helpful.” 


She says that at times moving to a new school can be overwhelming, but is where most of the best moments occur.


Matthias says that her favorite part of being a counselor is meeting with students about their futures.


“I love meeting with students and discussing future planning,” she says. “I invite students if they have questions about the career [or] college going process to come and see me.” 


Matthias thinks it’s natural to want familiarity. “I think it is human nature to be drawn to what is familiar to them,” Matthias says. But she also wants to move ahead no matter how much she desires familiarity. 


“I work really hard to build solid relationships with students and families so I can be that familiar go-to person,” she says.