Homecoming Spirit Week Arrives September 27th

Homecoming week is coming up on the 27th of September and the dance itself is October 2nd, which means the Arrowhead Student Senate chose five themes, one for each day. 


Monday is PJ/comfy clothes day. Tuesday is Hawiian day. Wednesday is color day for each class: freshman are candy corn orange; sophomores are lemon drop yellow; juniors are cotton candy blue; seniors are bubble gum pink. Thursday is jersey day; and Friday is red out.


Grace Fitzgerald, a student senate member, says, “We have to keep in mind that some themes might be too big for kids to participate in.” 


Each class’s participation will be tallied and the winner will be announced at the pep rally on Friday October 1st. 


Kaydn Humbert, a freshman, says, “Orange is a hard color. I don’t have a lot of orange…[but] of course I will be dressing up!” 


Landon Jungbluth, a freshman, said he will be dressing up because, “Yes, school spirit!” 


Sean Millinki, a sophomore, said, “Not really no I wasn’t even going to dress up I might have to now.” He did not think we as a school are presented within these dress-up days. He said, “The themes are boring. I’d rather have a pirate theme day.”


Audrey Hutchinson, a sophomore, said, “Because I’m a cheerleader, it’s my job to encourage our school spirit and when we have school games on Fridays it’s fun to see everyone participating in dressing up the same way.”