Homecoming Returns To Arrowhead For The 2021-2022 School Year


Angelina Ashby, Reporter

Last year, the Homecoming dance was cancelled due to Covid-19, but this year, on October 2, 2021, Arrowhead High school is having a CandyLand themed dance. 


Homecoming will consist of games, such as bag toss, ladder ball, spikeball, and washer toss. Those will be located in the East gym, while there is music and dancing in the West gym. 


Tickets are sold during lunch from September 24 through October 1st. On the first day it is a flash sale where the tickets to the dance will cost $12. September 27 through October 1, tickets will cost $15. A last chance ticket will be sold on the day of Homecoming, but the tickets will cost $20 in cash only. 


The dance will start at 7:30 pm and it will go until 10:30 pm, and the door to the school will close at 8:30. Students have to enter the school using the NC door 1 with their ticket and their student ID. 


The week of Homecoming, the Student Senate makes every single day a spirit day. The themes for this year’s spirit week are Monday: PJ Day, Tuesday: Hawaiian Day, Wednesday: Class Colors Day (Freshman: Candy Corn Orange, Sophomores: Lemon Drop Yellow, Juniors: Cotton Candy Blue, Senior: Bubble Gum Pink, and Teachers: Pop Rocks Purple). Also on Wednesday, there is going to be an outdoor movie night on the football field, where students can come to watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Thursday: Jersey Day, and Friday: Red Out. 


Kyle Staus, President of Student Senate says, “I think that students participate in Homecoming events because of school spirit! It brings together the school and everyone’s friends. I feel that it will especially be even more exciting this as we just came out of a setback not having a real homecoming week last year. I am excited to see all the spirit and energy come alive in the school!”


On October 1, there will be a pep rally during school, both campuses will come together and join each other outside for the pep rally. Following will be a homecoming parade after school.


 Sofie Brever, a junior, says, “I am going to homecoming because I am a new student at Arrowhead as of this year, and I want to meet new people.” 


The parade will start on Church Street at 4:30 pm. 


Stefan Gamino, another junior here says “I want to be Wally the Warhawk and I want to show school spirit.” 


After the parade, the football game versus Waukesha South starts at 7:00 pm.