South Campus Students Share their Favorite Teachers & More


Lauren Theiler and Kadin Saffert

As sophomores adjust to their second year at Arrowhead High School, they are getting to know new teachers. 


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, last year’s freshmen had a different experience than this year’s freshman class. Last year, students could attend school virtually. Football games, homecoming, pep rallies, all were canceled. Now that the mask mandate is up, students are able to get to know each other in a different way and participate in school events. 


Five sophomores were pulled from the English 10 class of Andrew Johnson and announced their favorite teachers. 


An Arrowhead sophomore, Rachel Wieland, says her favorite teacher is Language Arts teacher, Rayen Elmergreen. Elmergreen teaches Honors English 9 which focuses on reading and writing at South Campus. Wieland says, “I would have to say she’s my favorite teacher just because she seems to be very passionate about the subject she teaches and finds ways to have fun with it.” 


Sophomore Nikko Javier says his favorite teacher is John Hoch, a gym teacher at AHS. His reasoning: “He is very laid back and chill.”


Andy Cochrane, another sophomore at Arrowhead, reported Lisa Rodenkirch, teacher of Science 9, “is still my favorite teacher from last year.”


Joey Risch, who swims for AHS and Lake Country Phoenix Swim Team, said Johnson was his favorite teacher. 


Sophomore Brooke Jordan said, “Gliniecki is my favorite teacher,” which Lindsey Washburn, a sophomore and friend of Jordan agreed with. Gliniecki teaches German II as well as Spanish III. 


Aside from sophomores, freshmen shared things that they are looking forward to. 


Freshman Jordan Young says, “I’m excited for homecoming.”


Camila Obayashi, a freshman who played softball during the summer for Merton, said, “Something I am looking forward to this year is snowboarding and shredding the slopes…I am also looking forward to my lacrosse season!”


Annabelle Daun, who enjoys camping and hanging out with her friends says, “This freshman year I am looking forward to spending time with my friends and starting my high school career.”