Step it Up, Freshman!


Hayley Winser, Reporter

It’s football season, and the Arrowhead students are back in the student section for the first time in two years. For many, the Arrowhead student section is a tradition that they have gotten very experienced with; and for some, it’s a completely new experience.  Those some: Arrowhead’s freshman. 


Freshman are new to the student section at Arrowhead, and are learning to engage in the activities of it: getting dressed up, participating in cheers,and paying attention to the game. With the freshman not participating, they are receiving negative feedback from the upperclassmen. 


Senior Paige McLaughin says, “The level of cheering from the freshmen is lacking.” 


Arrowhead’s very own school spirit team, @ahsgators2022, have made multiple stories on Instagram about the freshmen’s performance. One instagram story post included the caption “Get it going freshman.”


When asked his opinion on the status of freshman in the student section, freshman Gianpaul Gambatese says, “We cheer really loudly.” 


Freshman Kyler Farrow said, “I feel like we can’t really hear the seniors.” 


McLaughlin says, “I think the upperclassmen are pretty tough on the freshman.  I feel they could be a little kinder to the incoming freshman so that they feel comfortable enough to participate in the cheers.” 


Freshmen have opportunities in the next few weeks to practice at games before the games against Waukesha South for Homecoming on Friday, October 1st and Oconomowoc on Friday, October 15th.