Spring Art Show in North Campus Commons

Vanessa Laudon, Reporter

The spring art show occurred from May 18th through June 2nd.


The Spring Art Show was an opportunity for Arrowhead students to showcase artwork they have been working on during the school year.


Some of the different kinds of art work featured in the spring art show 

are charcoal drawings.


The Spring Art Show was held in the North Campus Commons.


Sherry Moseler, an AHS art teacher said, “The Spring Art Show was created to bring awareness to the student work created and what the artists were thinking and working toward.”


The Spring Art Show is a compilation of students’ art work from all art courses in 9-12 grades.


Moseler said, “Some think that artwork can just be thrown together, but this art show gives students an opportunity to showcase their time, talents and how the creative process has  helped them produce high quality fine art.  I love having the opportunity to display student art work. These students have synthesized their understanding of concepts, improved their application of techniques and engaged in the creative process to make something new and unique that did not exist in the world previously. How cool!”