Literary Magazine Wrap Up


Joanne Brack and Rachel Gebhard


The literary magazine for the 2020-2021 school year has been completed. The Arrowhead literary magazine is a collection of student work. This year, over 100 students submitted their work to the magazine. 


There were two senior editors (Joanne Brack and Rahcel Gebhard) who were the senior editors of the literary magazine this year. 


Brack joined journalism her senior year of high school and hopes to pursue writing in her future along with editing. Gebhard joined journalism her senior year of high school and hopes to go to school for criminal justice after graduation. 


“Through the Literary Magazine, she has grown to learn how each and every person has a unique way to their own writing and how big of an impact writing has on individuals,” says Brack.


Along with both Gebhard and Brack, there was one junior editor who worked all the cover page, and subsections in the literary magazine (Anamarie Casper). Casper says she was very grateful for the opportunity to create and share her art through the Literary Magazine. After high school, she intends to pursue research in either psychology of neuroscience. 


Below you will find the names of all the students who submitted essays, poems, photography, or short stories:


Elizabeth Andrews, Jamilah Arabiyat, Maile Beck, Aaron Bain, Tanner Bence, Delany Bennett, Nataile Berens, Annaliese Bero, Madeline Bertman, Sarah Bierman, Jacob Bleuel, Logan Block, Olivia Boray, Alicia Bouton, Lucas Brown, Connor Dunn, Hayden Ersbo, Kayla Esslinger, Evelyn Evans, Ella Evenson, Lola Elahi, Ayisha El- Refaie, Ashley Fancher, Dennis Fanning, Zachary Fitzgerald, Autumn Fohey, Alyssa Francis, Sara Fredrickson, Kaeyln Glassey, Tracie Grey, Jacob Groth, Donato Guerra, Greta Harms, Sidney Heberlein, Justin Heineck, Isabelle Hooge, Hayley Hunt, Sam Hytinen, Sophia Illman, Eli Javier, Aidan Jensen, Kevin Jiang , Lauren Johnson, Savannah Kastner, Ben Kaczmarek, Abigail Kjorelien, Ben Kobiske, Henry Koller, Kenna Koller, Gianna Konen, Mason Kriznarich, Lucas Kroneberg, Sarah Larson, Oliver Lee, Alyssa Lemay, Alena Lippold, Kia Lofy, Lana Logelin, Natalie Makovec, Abigail Mandick, Ross Mann, Maddie Marseo, Caroline Martin, Sadie Mason, Branigan McCloud, Megan Mielke, Carson Neigum, Evan Nyhouse, Elizabeth Olshanski, Joshua Otte, Ryan Parkinson, Sierra Pellegrini, Alec Phillips, Lauren Porter, Nick Proell, Mary Quinn, Yamna Rahman, Paxton Reading, Jordan Reneau, Lauren Roberts, Jack Rovin, Max Salaja, Madeleine Sayaovang, Bella Schuelke, Mary Schlinsog, Aeeden Shallue, Sydney Shutz, Grant Sievert, Avery Snedden, Jade Stefan, Max Steffen, Sydney Stemper, Lessee Stockinger, Meagan Swanson, Christopher Tanke, Tallen Van Lare, Annabelle Weiss, Sophia Weitner, Cara Wellentin, Charlie Wesley, Dokota Williams, Alex Wood, Karina Woodward, Gabriella Zalewski, Emmaleigh Zietlow


The following students won certificates of achievement for creativity and scholar excellence; Sara Artiles, Maile Beck, Ashley Fancher, Abigail Kjorelien, Joshua Otte, Mary Schlinsog, Aeeden Shallue, Lessee Stockinger, Annabelle Weiss, and Emmaleigh Zietlow. 


All students who submitted their work into the literary magazine got hard copies of the magazine. View a digital copy here: Literary Magazine.