Danielle Schleicher Plans On Attending University of Wisconsin – La Crosse

Haley Hazod, Reporter

Senior Danielle Schleicher plans on attending the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. Schleicher has always planned on attending college. She has not decided on her major yet, although she is thinking of marketing and business.


“A life[ or] career goal of mine is to find a career that I love and have a passion for. Also, getting married and starting a family,” said Schleicher.


Schleicher fell in love with the area of La Crosse. She said it is a beautiful city. 


“The campus is a perfect size for me, and there is a lot to do. Everything about La Crosse felt right for me,” Schleicher said.


She will be living on campus for her freshman year. She will be rooming with two girls that are not from Arrowhead. She met the girls on Facebook and Instagram. Schleicher does not know what dorm she will be in yet. Although she is nervous, Schleicher is excited to start college.


Schleicher said her biggest fear for college is not being able to find a career path that she loves. She does know Alexsey Smith, Nina Morrison, and Teddy Wentzel are planning on going to La Crosse, so making friends will not be too hard.